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Spare Me is the survival tool for every driver. Effective any place in any climate, this sleek, simple device saves time, money, and possible injury for drivers facing unexpected emergencies on the road.



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 Mechanics Hub 

Mechanics Hub

"Your phone won’t help you when aliens invade Earth, but the Spare Me 8 in 1 Rescue Tool will."


New Atlas

"Anyone who lives in an area prone to snow will know how important it is to have a shovel and ice scraper in the car. Thing is, those two tools might not be enough to dig you out of a properly tricky situation. The solution might lie in the Spare-Me, a compact five-in-one tool designed to help drivers get moving again... It looks simple, but the Spare-Me promises to punch above its weight."


Superesse Straps

"I got hold of one and let me tell you, this thing is in my Jeep and it's staying there for when I know I'll need it... The Spare Me is designed to help drivers of all levels resolve emergencies on the road including flat tires, getting stuck in mud, and even getting out of ice and snow."


The Mechanic Doctor 

"Made of glass-filled nylon resin, this tool can help you in many ways whenever your car get stuck somewhere. The Spare Me rescue tool can assist you when digging, act as traction aids, a window scraper, and a tire lever. It also includes a flashlight, a seat belt cutter, and a glass breaker. (As you’ll see in the video, it can also work as a self-defense tool. Which is pretty neat.)"


Yanko Design

"[T]he Spare Me 5-in-1 Auto Rescue Tool is a disaster-averting little hand-held tool that you shouldn’t ever go driving without... A complete necessity for cars that do off-roading, and even for areas in the desert or prone to heavy blizzards, the Spare Me may just spare you a call to AAA!"