Shovel in tight quarters.

TIP #2  Two tools work better than one.  Next time you're stuck put Spare Me in front and behind the tire.  A slight rocking movement will grab either the forward or back end tool and you'll be out lickity-split.  KK

Leverage when needed.

No more lifting.

Snow removed quickly.


Great traction.

PATENT PENDING Serial Number 15/429,886


The rescue tool from Spare Me in Colbert, Washington, helps you complete an array of automotive tasks quickly and safely. Made of glass-filled nylon resin, this injection-molded product eliminates physical strain while you perform a range of car-related tasks.  We have also found that Spare Me is more than just a car tool.  Use it in the garden to pulverize balls of dirt or in the shop to place a bit more force on your vice.  Spare Me works great on camping trips and even on the beach digging for treasure.  Always be cautious when handling any type of tool.  Although Spare Me is made from a very tough and durable glass-filled nylon resin it's not indestructible.  Don't ask it to do something beyond its capabilities and it will be a tool that will last a long time.


At 18.5” long and with a 5” wide blade, Spare Me is an excellent way to safely lift a spare tire.  If your vehicle is stuck in the snow or mud, simply place it against your tire for instant traction. Also, when you need to change a tire, it offers additional leverage to loosen stubborn lug nuts.  We've also just made an improvement (12/12/2016) to the leading edge so that it removes that thin coat of frost we get on our windshields more aggressively.  Don't forget, use it to chalk your tires on your camper or as a means to keep from pinching your fingers moving heavy objects. 


Inventor Kevin Klier had an “Aha!” moment in a tire store when he observed a technician roll a tire onto his foot then lifted up onto the wheel hub. There’s got to be a better way, he thought, and the result is the Spare Me. At 13 ounces, it’s easy to carry and store, and it even offers a storage space for a small flashlight or matches. Spare Me functions in extreme cold and extreme heat. For more information contact us at info@sparemerescuetool.com.