SPARE ME is a rescue tool that every driver in North America should own. This simple device can save you time, money and possible injury while performing tasks during those always inopportune moments when you'd much rather be doing something else.

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My friends at CTA Architects and Engineers greeted me in Missoula, MT recently and showed me their list of what Spare Me can do for them  They call it the 500-1 Rescue Tool!  One of the more creative ideas was using Spare Me as a loom.  Imagine needing a sweater to keep you warm and you just happen to have a ball of yarn and your Spare Me.  That's being creative.

         Recently Spare Me was awarded the "Most Innovative Concept Award" presented by the United Inventors Association, UIA, at the 2017 Response Expo held April 26th and 27th in San Diego, CA. 



Every car should have this tool!

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